Wednesday, March 7, 2012

To God be the glory

God is good. 
In the mist of personal trial God continues to overwhelm me with His love, opening doors that only He can open. Let me take you on a journey of my last two weeks. 
Plane tickets to anywhere right now are the dominant expense to any travel. As I'm beginning to set up fundraisers my first goal was to purchase my flights both to and from London. I originally wanted to get my tickets in January but God had me wait making me a little unsettled being a planner and all. I now realize had I purchased my tickets using a credit card as I intended a couple months ago I would have totally robbed myself of a blessing and robbed God of His glory. A member of my church family came forward and offered to take care of my round trip plane tickets. Who does that? Only someone moved by God. When I received the text about my tickets my jaw dropped and my eyes instantly filled with tears. I was sobbing so hard I was freaking my mom out. When I finally mustered up the words to explain what happened my mom just looked up to heaven and praised Jesus. Thank you friend, you know who you are. Words will never fully express how grateful my family and I are.
Next...I've only ever had one laptop. A Toshiba my dad bought me my freshman year in college 8 years ago. I knew I needed to get a new one and really wanted a MacBook but the one I had my eyes on was upwards of $1,200. In casual conversations with members of my community group the topic of my broke down, takes an hour to warm up computer came up and how I'm praying for provision for a new one. God stirred the heart of a lovely young couple to give me their used one free of charge. Again, I had one of those "who does that?" moment. Jesus is so evident in the members of my church family. It is only through Him that I am this blessed. This blog is being written on my new to me laptop :) Being a PC person all my life this is definitely a transition, but one I am happy to make. Thank you Isaac & Shaina!!!
If you have spent more then 10 minutes with me, you know how much I love Disneyland and how I'm almost always there. I've had an annual pass for the last 4 or 5 years. With my trip to London I decided not to renew my pass this year and it sadly expired last month. It has been weird not having it but its something I know for the time being I can live without. Mark & Lizzie will be visiting us from across the pond and will be going to Disneyland. I am invited to go but without a pass I knew I wouldn't be able to without forking over a pretty penny. Asking for help has always been hard for me, its a pride issue that the Lord has been working on me with. I reached out to a friend that goes to Reality LA and works at Disneyland, apologizing for the question I'm sure they're asked all the time. Would you be able to sign me in? A response came quickly, "being signed in comes with block out dates but I have a free day pass that you can have". Really??? God is just in everything. Not only will I get to visit one of my favorite places in the world but it will give me a great opportunity to fellowship with Mark and Lizzie.
I don't know why I am surprised by God's provision. He is showing me time and time again that He is guiding my path, I only have to make the choice to trust Him and take a step forward. I am still a long way from my financial goal but I cannot help but give God glory for what HE is already doing.

Upcoming event:
I am having a yard/bake sale at my house on Saturday April 14th weather permitting. If you have any items that you can donate I can come to you to pick them up. Please pray for this event and for the acoustic benefit show that I'm in the midst of planning.

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