Monday, February 27, 2012

Pressed but not Crushed

It is in time of pressing and being broken when God draws you closer to him. He sees every tear and hears every cry and continues to be faithful. His love and patience has been overwhelming in this journey and its only the beginning. I am a person of lists, plans, schedules, routines and familiarity and God has been stripping that away in drastic ways the last month. Both in my personal life and my spiritual life. In all circumstances I can see God's hand at work. A year and a half ago I read a devotional by the great Charles Spurgeon that continues to be dear to my heart and always relevant:
"He purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit. If you bring forth fruit, you will have to endure affliction. But this affliction works out such precious results, that the Christian who is the subject of it must learn to rejoice in tribulations, because as the tribulations abound, so his consolations abound by Christ Jesus. Rest assured, if you are a child of God, you will be no stranger to the rod. Sooner or later every bar of gold must pass through the fire. You will be delivered from clinging to the present, and made to long for those eternal things which are so soon to be revealed to you."
I am being made into a better creation for Christ and although it sucks sometimes and loneliness and doubt creep in, I hold true to His promises. He is my chief joy and strength and in my weakness He is made strong and I can only give the glory to Him. Please continue to pray for me. I am truly blessed with some amazing women in my life. You know who you are :) Thank you for listening to my soundless ridiculous cries, for making me laugh when I thought I couldn't and for always directing me to Jesus. Community with believers is one of the greatest gifts God gives us. I love you!!!

Also, I want to hold an acoustic benefit concert within the next couple of months. Please let me know if you'd like to play or if you know of an intimate, reasonably priced venue that will let me hold the show.
So far the wonderful bands: Pilgrims, Alabaster Stones and Miss Christie Brooke have agreed to perform. Check them out on their facebook pages. They're pretty much amazing :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

stepping out in faith

Pastor Mark, Lizzie & I at Reality London, Aug. 2010
I vividly remember telling my parents at the age of 13 that someday I will be a "missionary" for Christ in a foreign country, here I am almost 13 years later stepping out in faith and obedience to the call God has placed on my heart. The Lord has given me a great love for Pastor Mark, his wife Lizzie, the church of Reality London and the city of London. He has broken my heart for what breaks His regarding the city. This decision to serve in London has been and continues to be a labor of prayer that has spanned over a year and a half, wanting to make sure it was God's voice I heard and not my own desire. The day has finally come to start preparing for my mission. I will be serving as a "ministry assistant" at Reality London, serving wherever, however and in whatever the church needs. Pastor Mark and wife Lizzie will also be pouring into me and discipling me as God leads them. This will be a season were I will be challenged, matured and definitely humbled. All to the glory of God.
          For a little over a week the prayers and possibilities about going to London have become a reality and God has already begun to be so overwhelming faithful to His promises providing in so many ways. I will be gone from October 2012-March 2013. In the upcoming months leading to my departure I will be needing first and foremost prayer. That the Lord continue to guide every decision made,  that He guard my heart and mind against any attack from the enemy both here and abroad. Second, London is a very expensive city. The preliminary budget for the 6 month trip is $15,000US which at the current exchange rate comes to $9,472.45GB,  needless to say that is a huge dip in funds. It will cover a room at an apartment, roundtrip airfare, transportation while in London, groceries, toiletries, basic healthcare, a phone while I’m there and any unexpected expenses. If you feel led to give there is a donation button linked to my paypal account.  Please comment if you have any questions, concerns, prayers, scriptures, fund raising ideas or anything you feel would help. I will be posting blogs regarding prayer request, praise reports, and upcoming fund raising events. Since you will be investing in me and sending me on mission I want to keep you as informed as possible. Thank you for being diligent in prayer, for loving me and supporting my obedience to step out in faith. I love you and am excited to see what God has in store for me on this journey.